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February 2018
Questions on Airgas Specialty Gases, Specialty Gas Equipment or our Design Assistance Program?
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Questions on Airgas Specialty Gases, Specialty Gas Equipment or our Design Assistance Program

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 Have questions on GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY?

Thinking of changing carrier gas? Could there be a better solution during the current helium shortage?

Airgas’ “Dr. Chromatography” can answer these and other questions you may have. 
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Airgas is your one source for specialty gases, equipment, and laboratory safety products.  Whether you need high-purity gases, precision blends, top-quality regulators and change over manifolds, or personal safety products for laboratory technicians — you’ll find it with Airgas.

With a network of thirteen national labs, more than 65 plus regional labs, two equipment centers, a developmental products group and a research and development center, Airgas has the largest specialty gas network in the country.  That means the gases, equipment, and expertise you need are always close by.  Information on all of these products is always close by, too, through our electronic Airgas Specialty Gases and Equipment Reference Guide.

This electronic reference guide can be used in two ways. Using the links above, you can download the installable application and run it locally on your computer, or you can link directly to our online catalog. Both versions are identical in product listings, specifications, and functionality.